Monday, November 10, 2014

Autumn in Northern Minnesota

"Autumn in Northern Minnesota", 8"w x 24"h NFS
Here is a piece inspired by the season it was painted in. This was for some friends who reside in Washington D.C. who are originally from northern Minnesota, and I thought this piece would remind them of home. We left Minnesota in upper 30 degree temps, as was pleasantly surprised by summer in D.C. I wasn't reminded of home as we arrived and felt the mid seventy degree temps and pouring rain, coupled with humidity, we must have looked like tourists in our cold weather gear. :)

More ironic today is the 10 plus inches of blowing snow currently outside. Sometimes I imagine the autumn season lasting six months, with summer lasting four, and winter and spring taking one month each. (Can't skip Christmas and Easter!) What would it be like to live in a landscape that is in perpetual warm vibrant color? Each year, we get to experience this season of harvest for a couple short weeks where I live before we get blasted with six months of winter ... I can't live in autumn color indefinately but I can capture it on canvas and make it last forever.

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