Thursday, March 6, 2014

Love Birds

I just couldn't resist. I just had to paint a this one ... the female cardinal with an open beak talking the other male cardinal's feathers off. I had some fun with this 12"w x 9"h piece titled Love Birds, and while I put so much emphasis on the subject of this piece, the background ended up quite interesting as I felt as though I could have fun with it due to the strength of the foreground birds and birches. The moon in the center adds that third element and anchors this piece. I wonder what that female cardinal is saying ... we could ask the male cardinal, but I don't believe he'd be of much help, as he probably isn't even listening ... ;)

This painting is part of a small collection of paintings and framed prints collectively called "Lights" that can be viewed at Bixby's Cafe in Duluth at 1608 Woodland Ave now through the end of April, 2014. The works from the show can also be viewed online on my personal website here.

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