Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baltimore Oriole Sky

This piece, titled Baltimore Oriole Sky, features the oriole which is quickly becoming a favorite bird of mine, perched on a birch and pondering the moon in the sky. The moon is orange, and so is the dappled light radiating from the moon. The bird, I suppose, is trying to figure out why the moon is orange. This was a fun study in light and shadow, and increasing levels of opacity in the paint. I often stop and listen to the birds singing, and perhaps this moon is too, and smiling at this  happy little bird.

This painting is part of a small collection of paintings and framed prints collectively called "Lights" that can be viewed at Bixby's Cafe in Duluth at 1608 Woodland Ave now through the end of April, 2014. The works from the show can also be viewed online on my personal website here.

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