Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Baby Chick No. 4

"Baby Chick No. 4"
With Spring on the horizon ... even as we received a fresh four inches of fluffy white snow this morning ... I'm posting a series of 'baby chickadee' paintings, this one titled Baby Chick No. 4. The baby in the name refers to the sizes of these pieces, a mere 4"wx4"h. I've never painted a nest of baby birds, but that would be a fun composition, especially a robin holding a big fat juicy nightcrawler over half a dozen open beaks. I observed a nest of baby birds once, and I noticed the beaks would pop out of the nest before the momma bird was in sight, and I thought that the babies could hear the familiar sound of mom's wings flapping in order to slow down prior to landing on the delicate nest. Anyways ... if you like this piece, this one is available on my dailypaintworks gallery, which is an online community of artists who paint, give eachother feedback and support, and occasionally sell a painting, which to an artist is equivalent to a hungry baby bird getting a big fat juicy nightcrawler.
Please visit my DailyPaintworks gallery page for more information on today's piece.

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