Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gold Waters

"Gold Waters" 12"w x 12"h
This was painted along with a lot of input from my kids. They just loved the concept of a distant stand of trees at the lake. The rocks and birch trees are a familiar theme for my kids as they frequently accompany me during my little wilderness hikes around our home in Duluth, MN. My oldest was especially fond of the gold reflections in the water and commented on the trees reflecting on the water reminding her of grandpa & grandma's cabin on lake Kego. The rocks in this painting are a signature element for our little region of the world, and my kids frequently jump across them at the lake shore while mom anxiously tells them to be careful. As far as my take on this piece, it gives me a smile, I just love the shades of blue and the gold playing off each other, along with the different sizes of the birch trees ... this piece makes me feel like a kid again, jumping across the rocks without a care in the world. -A

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