Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fall Five

Acrylic on 8"w x 10"h canvas
Click on image above to enlarge.

Painting a small canvas such as this 8x10" canvas puts the entire composition in the viewing range during painting, as opposed to small sections of a larger painting. Every painting has it's challenges and rewards, and the reward of the smaller scale is the sense of completion when the piece is finished and the thought behind the work is captured on canvas in one session. Larger works will take a week, and many hours are spent viewing an incomplete canvas ... wondering how it will look in the end. This painting features many elements I look for in the forest ... the crisp white birch trees with their signature fall golden leaves, the blue stones scattered about the brown forest floor with it's incredible range of texture and depth. The evening blue skies casting light on the birches as they drop their leaves. Perhaps I need to paint this on a larger scale, we'll see.

The weather is gorgeous now, highs in the upper 60's which is unseasonable, but we'll take it. :) The trees are starting to bud, spring will soon be here.

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