Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lupin Line

Acrylic on 36"w x 12"h x 2"d Canvas
Click on image above to enlarge.
Please email me at aaronklossartwork@gmail.com for purchase information.

Lupins bloom in Duluth in the early summer and they are always a joy. They scatter their seeds and spread out, often covering entire hillsides in shades of lavender for several weeks at a time.  My girls really liked this painting (their favorite color is purple so I can't imagine why lol). One of my daughters immediately recognized the lupins as the 'flowers that grow on the hillside by my climbing tree'. My other daughter thought they were purple trees growing in a forest. They could also be cotton candy on a stick (Minnesota State Fair is coming up) or they could simply be ... lupins.

I have a couple more lupin paintings on a smaller scale available which will be uploaded later this week. They may also be viewed on my paintings page on my website. God bless.

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