Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This week I've been busy working on a 2'x3' geranium landscape as well as a 16" square geranium close-up painting. While I'm happy with the background in both paintings, I've reworked the flowers themselves as I've really wanted to get the color right. I've looked at them several times in their natural setting in different lighting as well as on a computer screen, and the pink is really a challenge. I've labored to capture the texture of the petals without compromising the color, and I believe I'm getting very close. I anticipate posting the smaller of the two paintings tomorrow and possibly the larger painting by Friday.

I'm excited to start my next landscape series of birches and maples in fall color with the focus being on the vertical lines and hilly backgrounds. I'm thinking I'll try another 2'x3' as well as a 16" square and have some fun with a couple small 6" x 6" paintings as well. Stop back soon!

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