Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sing a Song (Numbers 1 & 2)

Sing A Song Numbers 1 & 2 painting by artist aaron kloss, pointillism, sivertson gallery, painting of a cardinal

Sing A Song Numbers 1 & 2 painting by artist aaron kloss
These colorful cardinal paintings are titled Sing A Song Numbers 1 & 2, and are 8x8" new acrylics on canvas. Just when I think I've painted my last cardinal a collector or gallery asks for one, and the stories told about this colorful little bird are always amazing. People really connect with the cardinal ... the bright red color, the song they sing, their antics in the trees ... I've painted them for years but only recently do I have a pair that nested by my house. Perhaps that pair of cardinals wanted to tell me to keep painting them, I don't know, but I've enjoyed them as a subject matter, and it seems like a lot of other folks do too. Thanks to everyone who owns one of my cardinal paintings. These cardinals were delivered to Sivertson Gallery in Grand Marais, MN recently.

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