Friday, February 12, 2016

Work in Progress

A work in progress by artist aaron kloss, pointillism, duluth mn painter, painting of birches in fall autumn, maples in autumn
A Work in progress
Today I thought I'd share what I'm working on. The finished painting will be posted here next week, but for now you can view the beginnings of a 48" x 36"h canvas. A theme this past year of mine has been one of reflection, and I've painted many landscapes where the background reflects into a lake. The reflection is slightly distorted however, which is a reference to memories being difficult to remember at times. The mirror image is also a hint at a more distracted or abstract view of the represented image. Whether the viewer enjoys this subtle compare and contrast within the image is up to the viewer, but for now you get a glimpse at my life ... I spend the majority of my time painting and viewing the work as it progresses, making color and composition corrections along the way ... while most people only ever view the finished piece. So here you have it, a northwoods lake featuring birch, maple, autumn color and rocks ... and of course a lake. Have a great weekend!
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