Thursday, February 11, 2016

Landscape of Summer Triptych

landscape of summer triptych painting of birch trees at a lake by artist aaron kloss, birch tree painting, pointillism painting, duluth mn painter

This piece, titled Landscape of Summer Triptych (12"w x 4") is a study that was painted in conjunction with yesterday's larger piece. When you work on a large scale, it is often beneficial to know how colors will look on the canvas prior to using that color. With the study, I'm able to be confident that the color is correct without the risk of having something I'm not wanting happen on the canvas. I work dark to light, which is completely opposite of what a lot of painters do, so having the first brushstrokes correct is crucial. The whole look and feel of a piece changes if the color is too light or dark, and then what is intended to be a daytime painting turns into a nighttime painting for example. Some artists keep their studies or discard them, but I paint studies on canvas ready to hang fully intending on offering them to collectors. That's just my style, the way I roll. And right now the summer landscape in today's piece looks very inviting. I'd like to spend some time here, swim in that lake, explore the woods, maybe catch some sunnies and bass. But that will have to wait till winter gives way to spring in the northland soon. All my best, Aaron

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