Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Frozen Lake

Frozen Lake, painting by artist aaron kloss, acrylic winter landscape painting, painting of birch trees, birch painting, pointillism, minnesota landscape painting
"Frozen Lake" 12"w x 6"h
Frozen Lake is the title of this new 12"w x 6"h acrylic painting on canvas recently brought in to Siiviis Gallery here in Duluth. This piece features many of my favorite themes ... birch trees, rocks, lake, central light source, rich blues ... but it also features a frozen lake. And what subject isn't more exciting to paint than a frozen lake?? Haha, well, winter features blue, which is also my favorite color, and so why not paint a winter lake. Here in Duluth, I have a nice view of the St. Louis River harbor, which is frozen over as of this early February winter day. The main lake Superior, however, is still open water, which I can see if I look left from my house. Like the impressionists who painted factories and industry as it sprung up in the landscape, I too could paint those things because they are what I look at ... but I prefer to look past them at the water and landscape and imagine what it looks like without rusty iron ore train bridges and piers, huge concrete grain elevators, warehouses, roads and piles of taconite. I like simple things like birch trees, rocks, moonlit nights, and frozen lakes.
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