Friday, July 17, 2015

Last Leaves of Autumn

Last Leaves of Autumn, Aaron Kloss, Birch Stand Painting, Vanilla Bean, Two HArbors
"Last Leaves of Autumn"  20"w x 16h
While I'm enjoying the heat and humidity of the summer season, I'm also thinking ahead to my favorite season ... autumn. During the fall, the colorful leaves fill the landscape with warmth and color, but one particular event is a powerful memory over the years. That memory is laying on the grass while the leaves drop off the trees in a gentle wind. One morning I was drinking my coffee on the deck and the leaves were dropping off the maple tree and it was an event I had to be there at that time to experience. Painting from memory can sometimes be more powerful than painting en plein aire, and today's piece titled Last Leaves of Autumn is a friendly reminder of that. Don't forget to visit the Vanilla Bean restaurant in Two Harbors during July to view this piece and my show titled Birch Forests. 

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