Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Golden Season

Golden Season, Aaron Kloss painting, pointillism, art of hair on first, gold birch trees
"Golden Season"  12"w x 9"h
Here is a piece titled Golden Season which is 12"w x 9"h ... acrylic on canvas. When you're overly busy such as I've been as of late, you often return to familiar themes, colors, and compositions. Golden birches on a rocky shoreline is a warm, friendly theme that I can paint that gives me the feeling of drinking coffee with old friends. I'm totally relaxed, free to share anything, knowing the time spent will bring a smile to my face. And the end result is always comforting, just like ... golden birches along a rocky shoreline, all decked out in brilliant autumn gold against a crisp blue sky. This piece is part of my show at the Art of Hair in Duluth now through September 2015.

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