Monday, May 11, 2015

Autumn Treeline and Z Place Gallery

Autumn Treeline, Ironwood MI, Aaron Kloss, Landscape Paintings, Birch, Maple
"Autumn Treeline"  24"w x 12"h
On a cold windy Monday, I'm posting a warm painting to try and brighten my spirits. This piece, titled Autumn Treeline, is 24"w x 12"h and available at Z Place Gallery in Ironwood MI. It's fun to expand to galleries outside my little part of the world here in Duluth, MN .. and Ironwood is a great place to have art. The town is 15 miles south of Superior, and is known as the gateway to Michigan. This town also has a thriving art community and boasts outdoor recreation opportunities year round. I hope to get there soon myself, but 14 new paintings are now available at Z Place Gallery, along with half a dozen or so works from previous groups of work. Please visit my website to view the new work, and if you're in the area, please stop in the gallery. Now, if only this warm autumn painting would warm up the temps in Duluth! Will have to wait 'til next week for sunny skies. 'Til then, it's back to the easel as I continue to stock my galleries in anticipation of another great year. All my best, Aaron

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