Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Autumn Cardinal 2015 at Red Mug Small Works Show

Autumn Cardinal, Birch Tree, Acrylic Landscape Painting, Aaron Kloss, Pointillism
"Autumn Cardinal 2015"  6"w x 6"h
My work at the Small Works Show at Red Mug Coffeehouse in Superior features cardinals, and within that series, there are four paintings that are similar in look and feel with the cardinal backlit by the sun or moon. This piece, titled Autumn Cardinal 2015, has the moon behind the cardinal, with the golden birch leaves and bright red bird to complement the ultramarine background. I'll be exploring this composition more in the future. Working in a series constrains but also forces growth, change, creativity, and a desire to reflect on your work as an artist. What makes you do what you do? Revisiting a painting or working in a series is a natural way to work on answering that question. I feel as though I'll be answering that question for as long as I'm a working artist ... and hopefully people enjoy the artwork that is part of that journey I'm on. This piece can be found at Red Mug Coffeehouse in Superior, WI ... should you choose to make the journey to view the Small Works Show this month of May 2015.

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