Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Retrospective: All That Glitters...

   For fun, I thought I'd share some early work periodically that was very influential in my development as a working artist and also for the work's influence on my style. This piece, titled All That Glitters, 12"w x 15"h was painted in January 2012 and is one of several paintings that are very dear to me.
   There is work that you just want to hold on to and not sell, and this is one of those. While this piece sold at Sivertson Gallery that month of 2012, it holds a special  place in my heart for many reasons. This is the first time I fully incorporated a single brushstroke into what some call pointillism, and others call square-alissm ha ha. I'm not trying to start something new with my work, I'm trying to speak visually as simply as possible. You could make a case that my work is closer to minimalism, but in the end I've been influenced by the neo impressionism work of Van Gogh, Gauguin and Seurat, to name a few, and hope my work reflects that influence.
   Back to the painting, this piece has many layers of gold in the leaves, the distant ridge and foreground shadows under the birches. But what really gets me is the sky. I used so many layers of blues and yellows to capture a sun setting in the sky, and the leaves of the birches have a transparency to them, which is achieved using a technique in acrylic painting called glazing. All this to say that I love this painting, and all that glitters is ...
To read my thoughts on this piece from 2012 please click here.

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