Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Summer Green Pines

"Summer Green Pines" 4"w x 12"h
I must admit that the winter snow is pretty. The blue shadows cast by the trees along with the warm color of sunshine on the snow compliment the cool grays of the skies. Today the snow is softly falling due to a warm front rolling through bringing us a few days of reprieve from the last couple weeks of subzero weather. In a couple days, the subzero returns for the near future, and that has me thinking and dreaming about summer weather. Today's painting titled Summer Green Pines will help with the winter blahs. We're approaching the winter solstice next week which will mark the shortest day of the year. After that, we gain daylight every day until spring melts away the bitter sting of old man winter and the warm colorful carefree days of summer begin again. Please contact Riverwood Gallery in Eau Claire, WI for more information on today's piece.

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