Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cardinal and Birch Companions

Featured here today is an interesting piece which is on two canvases that was by request titled Cardinal Companions and Birch Companions. On the left is a male and female cardinal with autumn birches and colorful ridges, and on the right is a similar painting that has more birches and color and complements the composition of the painting on the left. Paintings like these always make me stop and wonder if the vision I have is similar to the one the person requesting it has. Hopefully, with enough details, the end result accomplishes the goal. One thing I've accomplished these past few days being snowed in here in Duluth, MN is snow shoveling. Reports of over 24" of snow make this storm one for the record books. The kiddos have been climbing the walls but have also had a blast playing in the new snow. While it's nice to have an unplanned mini vacation, it's also nice to get back into the swing of things. Looking forward to more paintings and finishing the year strong. I think I'll go paint now. I wish. I'm going to go shovel some more ....

Please contact Your Art's Desire for more information on today's painting.

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