Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Standing Tall

"Standing Tall" 4"w x 12"h
The third in a series of small vertical pine compositions featuring rocks and water. What gives me satisfaction with this series is how they each have such a life of their own, yet make a strong group when viewed together. This painting titled Standing Tall is the lightest and brightest of the three, the bright sky offsetting the pines and rocks of the foreground. As I work, I notice I get into grooves where the paintings flow naturally and are very cohesive. But at the same time, I notice when that happens I look for new tributaries to follow, looking for that little spark in the painting that signals a new direction. There is a little spark of sorts with these three pine paintings, and I'm excited for the challenge and new direction they may spark in my work. Please contact Riverwood Gallery in Eau Claire, WI for more information on today's piece.

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