Friday, June 22, 2012

Urban Oasis: Tiny Birch Landscapes

Blueberry Birches, Acrylic on 6"wx4"h canvas
These canvases titled Blueberry Birches and Five Birches from my June 2012 show titled Urban Oasis at Jitter's Coffee in Duluth each measure a whopping 6"wx4"h. They both have a couple things in common. First, of course is the subject matter. No big surprise there. But the other thing they have in common which is compelling is they leave the viewer to use their imagination.
Five Birches, Acrylic on 6"wx4"h canvas

Both of these works were finished when I could have continued. I could have added the sun or moon ... or even some stars or even a nice ambient light source. But I chose to stop with both of these pieces, and I'm glad I did. They have a very honest feel to them, almost like a short story that is simply stated. If there is any more to be experienced from these works, it will come from the viewer ... They can write the ending.

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