Thursday, June 28, 2012


"Lizzards", 10"wx30"h, not for sale

"Three Maples" 4"wx6"h
This painting from my June 2012 show titled Urban Oasis at Jitter's Coffee in Duluth features a historic building in downtown Duluth currently occupied by Lizzard's Art Gallery and Framing. The building has many details that I worked long hours to capture on canvas such as it's unique brownstone brickwork and arched windows. The gallery features many local and regional artists and is set up very uniquely with a mezzanine, so that there are two levels of art to view. The mezzanine has an open railing so that you can go upstairs and view the work hanging on the gallery's high walls from above and below. This is the first gallery that accepted my work and helped me get started as an artist and so I wanted to remember that start in a painting.

"Red Ridge", 4"wx4"h
As an art student at UMD's School of Fine Arts, I would frequently stop in to Lizzard's and was awestruck by the landscapes and figurative painting of Adu Gindy (one of my teachers at UMD), Ann Jenkins and many others. While I've expanded to other businesses and gallery space since then, I always enjoy my stops into Lizzards to view artwork and chat with the owner Jeff. I recently dropped off some new work (which are the three landscapes featured here), please stop in soon and say hi ... and then stroll across the street to Jitter's Coffee to view my Urban Oasis work. Don't forget to try the coffee ... Jitter's makes some of the best in town. :)

"Summer Song Triptych", Three 4"wx4"h canvases

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