Monday, June 25, 2012

Urban Oasis: Blazin' Maples!

Afterburner, 10"wx10"h, $100
With these works from my June 2012 show titled Urban Oasis at Jitter's Coffee in Duluth I envisioned some sunsets on Lake Superior that featured maples with a brilliant sun shining in it's strength. I wanted the foreground to be the dominating element of the composition, the trees casting long shadows into the distance. I just love painting in the deep cobalt blue and bright yellow range of color. The burnt sienna colored trees and foreground are almost passive observers to the complementary colors competing for visual dominance. The punchiness (is that even a word?) of these compositions remind me of a small dog that needs to constantly be yipping and yapping, demanding your attention. I always assume that the little dog just doesn't want to be stepped on! lol.
Aflame, 10"wx10"h, $100

The sky and lake may be the last elements of the composition you focus on but they are important nonetheless. The blazing yellows and golds of these compositions that were painted together in one day inspired their titles: Aflame and Afterburner. Perhaps the warm summer weather outside may have influenced the titles a little bit too. :)

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