Monday, November 21, 2011

What's on my easel...

It seems as of late that I haven't been posting as much. Art can be a hobby, a career, a side job, a therapy ... for many people art is beneficial, bringing healing and a sense of peace and purpose to their lives. For me, the latter would be an accurate summary of why I feel the need to create. Art is interwoven with my DNA and I couldn't exist unless I was creating. You could say it's a passion of mine, but really it's just me. That's all. :)

I've been painting pretty much non-stop lately, and I've been working on a 2' x 4' vertical piece titled 'Three Trees' that has been for me a chance to create just for myself. Sometimes artists need to do that, and now that I've almost completed that painting, I'm feeling as though I'd like to share it with whoever reads my blog or stops by my website. So look forward to that painting being posted this week, along with a fun little 12"x12" birch landscape I've titled 'Mossy Rocks'. What's currently on my easel is another 2' x 4' Birch landscape, this one is titled 'Snow Falling in a Birch Forest'. I hate to admit it but this painting has really hit me and I've found myself pausing to let the adrenaline stop while I've been working on it. I feel as though it's the light hitting the edge of the Birches and the contrast with the deep blues and crisp whites. It's a painting that I can't wait to finish, yet I'm being cautious with it at the same time, wishing to finish it correctly, letting the painting present itself and not overwork it. Lots of exciting works coming soon, and with the studio remodel project taking shape ... it will be a short winter. :)

Please stop back soon! God bless,

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