Saturday, November 26, 2011

Snow Falling in a Birch Forest

Acrylic on 48"w x 24"h x 1.5"d canvas
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I was so inspired by the first snowfall of the year that I just had to paint a picture of the snow. I chose a Birch forest on a cobalt blue background to feature the first flakes of frigid November. I had to laugh as I finished up this painting and the temperature hit 50 degrees, effectively melting whatever snow we had. But Winter is well on it's way, set to return soon, and even though I signed this work on a rainy day, I know that soon more snow will be falling in the Birch, Maple and Evergreen forests surrounding this beautiful little town I live in called Duluth.

I'm finishing up some highlights and shadows on a couple more paintings which will be posted in the next day or two .. please stop back soon. God bless. :)

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