Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In Progress

 This is a two part painting that I've been working on titled Autumn Birches Diptych. These progress photos are taken with my computer camera, and due to the size of this piece, I had to take a photo at an angle, so the full painting is not in view. This piece consists of two 2w' x 3'h canvases that will depict a stand of Birch trees with Autumn color behind along with a nice complementary blue sky in the background. What's amazing with this painting is how it has affected my mood as I've been painting. The sky left me feeling restful and reflective, while the yellow energized me and brought a smile to my face. So far the Birch trees have a base coat and I'm working on the background, and I need to add more browns in the bottom of the paintings and I'm also leaning towards incorporating some cranberry in the bottom as well. I'm excited to add the black and white to the Birch trees and feel the 'punch' they will give to the piece. I hope to finish this painting and have it posted this weekend. I may get sidetracked by a rummage sale that we're planning, but I'm on a good path now to have my work completed for my next show early. And in case you're wondering what a diptych is, a diptych is an image depicted in two pieces. A triptych would be three. I think you get the idea. :)

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