Saturday, July 16, 2011

Apple Blossoms

24"w x 24"h x 2"d, Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
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Every painting has a story behind it which makes it special and in many cases, memorable. This is the painting I worked on while I was moving to a new house. I've found the many blossoms and leaves in this painting represent everything I had to accomplish during that time. The blossoms featured in this painting are from a Fireside Apple tree, which produced the sweetest apples I've ever tasted. :)
This painting also features many negative spaces in which the blue sky sparkles and dances through as the sky fades from light to dark blue. After you've accomplished a huge task, such as moving, you take time to rest and reflect on what you've managed to achieve. This painting represents the joy of having time to rest.

... But I can't rest too long as I've always thinking on the next painting, and what's currently on my easel is a two-canvas piece featuring fall birches. In total, the piece measures 4'w x 3' tall. I'm excited to be working on a large scale painting, I hope it will sparkle and dance just like the apple blossoms. :)

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