Friday, June 19, 2015

Night Sparkles

aaron kloss, acrylic ,night, moon, landscape, pointillism
"Night Sparkles"  12"w x 9"h
Who would have thought that descriptive words such as 'sparkling' 'bright' 'reflective' and 'bright' would be associated with night? But those are some words people have used to describe my night paintings that feature the moon and stars. This particular painting, titled Night Sparkles, also gets it's brightness from the foreground birches and rocks. With all the beautiful blues of the night skies and waters, I don't know why more artists aren't drawn to paint the nightscape. But I can't resist. Perhaps it's the shades of blues that make up my favorite color, or the mystery of the darkened landscape, or maybe it's just the night sparkles. This piece is part of my show at the Art of Hair in Duluth now through September 2015.

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