Thursday, June 11, 2015

Glowing Lighthouse

Duluth MN Lighthouse Painting, Siiviis Gallery, Aaron Kloss ARtwork
"Glowing Lighthouse"  10"w x 8"h
The latest of the lighthouses, this piece, titled Glowing Lighthouse, is 10"w x 8"h but packs quite a complementary colored punch. The lighthouse is backlit by a setting sun in the sky, sparkling in the waning hours of daylight. The lighthouse seems content to bask in the glow of the end of the day, enjoying the time of rest before the beacon is lit and the lighthouse guides small sailing vessels and thousand foot safely in and out of the Duluth harbor. Blue and gold ... my favorite colors. I was reading recently about color spectrums and I apparently can see all the colors, which means I have four cones in my eyes, making me able to see subtle shades of colors that the majority of people cannot. Makes me wonder if people appreciate the subtle hues of colors I add to my work. Well, perhaps I'll never know, but it's interesting to note that people that have four cones in their eyes don't like yellow, and I don't ever really wear yellow clothing, but I paint with yellow quite often. Most people have two or three color cones in their eyes. I'm not too skilled in the science behind the color cones ... I'm just content to paint pretty pictures on canvas with a singular brushstroke ... keeping it simple. And sunsets ... I love sunsets, and ... they are yellow. Please contact Siiviis Gallery for more information on this lighthouse which is located adjacent to the gallery in Canal Park. 

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