Monday, March 18, 2013

Vertical Birch Blues

"Vertical Birch Blues" 6"w x 12"h
"Crimson Birches" 4"w x 4"h
I thought a 'snowscape' (as I like to call them) would be appropriate for today. The snow is falling in buckets in Duluth, MN today. I just shoveled 4" and I bet I'll be doing the same thing again later today. The snow sure is pretty, covering the forest like a soft white blanket. Rabbit and deer tracks are visible and the depth of blue color in the twilight is just amazing. Yesterday, a small coyote ran across the street ... at first I thought it was a fox or wolf, but now I'm thinking it was a coyote. He probably had spring fever lol. I know I do. It's off to the studio now, several horizontal birch forests are in the works, to be posted next week. Cheers. -A

For more information on these paintings, please contact Z Place Gallery in Ironwood, MI.

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