Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Autumn Blue Jay

"Autumn Blue Jay" 8"w x 8"h
"Birch Jay No. 2" 4"w x 4"h
Who doesn't like complementary color? I know Van Gogh's bold colors weren't always well received by his fellow Parisian painting pals, but I'm sure glad he paved the way and wasn't afraid to express what he felt he had to say via the brush and the canvas. There is an element of meaning in these bird paintings I often create and I know I've mentioned it before here on this blog. It's the determination you need if you want to be an artist. You can't be afraid to express yourself, and even go against the grain of what other artists are doing if that's what you need to do to communicate what's in your heart. Blue jays often scare away other birds in the forest, but they also warn when predators are nearby and they aren't afraid to take on other animals bigger than themselves. Perhaps this is the vibe I'm getting from today's warmly lit blue jay piece. No fear here. :) -A

Please contact Siiviis Gallery in Duluth, MN for more information on today's pieces.

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