Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sparkling Birches

"Sparkling Birches" 16"w x 20"h
I stopped in at Blue Lake Gallery the other day and one of the staff mentioned that I'm known as the 'birch tree guy'. When I heard that, two things came to mind ... one good, one not so good. On the good side, you want people to easily recognize your work as an artist. The last thing you want people to have to do is try to figure out who's painting they are looking at. On the not so good side of things, I don't want to limit my artistic vocabulary too much. So there's the balance of wanting to show off all my creativity, yet reigning it in so that my work is cohesive.

Ultimately, I want to paint what I'm passionate about. I love birch trees ... and blue stones ... and blue skies ... and intense color ... and square brush strokes. Did I mention birch trees?

Please contact Blue Lake Gallery in Duluth, MN for more information about this piece.

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