Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New work at Blue Lake Gallery

"Colorful Lake", 12"w x 6"h
"Birch Jewels, 6"w x 12"h
 I've recently dropped off seven new works at Blue Lake Gallery in Duluth. They were all painted simultaneously with the endeavor to use color in a new way. While I'm happy with the result, there is always the question 'should I veer at all away from what I'm creating lately?'.  I would venture to say 'no', to keep my artistic voice consistent and clear. While it's fun to try new things and blaze new artistic trails every so often, just like your signature that is unique to you, or your fingerprints being one of a kind, so the artist must return to their signature style, whatever that may be. I must return to the easel, there are landscapes patiently waiting for me. Gotta go.

Please stop back again soon as I'll be posting new work from Blue Lake Gallery several days this week.

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