Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Red Maple Triptych

"Red Maple Triptych" 18"w x 12"h
Today's painting features a convergence of ideas that I've been pondering some time. I've been sketching out compositions that incorporate maples and birches but haven't painted many of them. This painting is one of those ideas. I love the red, gold, and yellow combinations. The lake is visible in the background of this piece, but it really isn't the focal point, yet it offers a deep complementary blue background. the shadows are deep in this piece, I'm happy I took on the challenge of combining many elements that I love into one piece ... almost like a 'greatest hits' painting. :)

This painting is part of my Awesome Autumn show at Beaner's Central Coffeehouse which runs throughout the month of September 2012.

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