Thursday, January 26, 2017

One For The Road

One for the road by duluth artist aaron kloss at siiviis gallery in canal park, painting of a red squirrel, painting of fall, pointillism, aaron kloss, siiviis gallery, canal park duluth mn
One For The Road
Today's piece is titled One For The Road, and measures 6"x6", acrylic on canvas. This painting features a red squirrel perched atop a golden birch branch. The squirrel is holding an acorn and thinking to himself ' I think I'll take just one more for the road'...but we all know he's going to bury it someplace safe, never to be found again. It was fun to paint a new subject, and the red squirrel may be a feisty little fella, but the copper brown coloring of their fur is indeed pleasant. This painting was recently delivered to Siiviis Gallery in Duluth MN. To view more originals available at Siiviis please click here:

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