Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sixty Cardinals Triptych

Sixty 60 Cardinals Triptych by artist aaron kloss, duluth landscapes, northern minnesota, bird paintings
"Sixty Cardinals Triptych"  36"w x 36"h
While the end of the year always brings hustle and bustle to my life, I thought I'd try to end the blogging efforts of 2015 with a favorite subject of mine: birds. So I plan to publish a new bird painting here on this blog frequently as we approach 2016 ... and I'll be sure to write my year in review which is a perennial favorite. Sometimes you have to stop and take a look at where you've been to appreciate where you're going. And with commissioned paintings to do and many other things, it's great to publish works here to give me a moment to pause and reflect. This particular painting was so fun to paint, and the simple evergreen forest in December is anchored by a rocky foreground, but stealing the spotlight are sixty cardinals perched in the birches. Go ahead and count them, I'll wait. ;) They are talking to each other about how warm this winter has been, about what surprises and blessings 2016 holds, about how to avoid those loud blue jays and ravens, about why some guy in Duluth MN insists on painting them ... What does 2016 hold? Wait and see. And for now, enjoy Sixty Cardinals, a new piece that's 36"w x 36"h and available at Lizzards Gallery in Duluth, MN.

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