Thursday, September 18, 2014

Walk With Me A While

"Walk With Me A While"  36"w x 24"h
Today's piece is a take on a familiar theme of mine which harkens back to my earliest work. While I was pondering what to paint as an aspiring landscape painter, I took frequent hikes with my family in the wilderness around my home in Duluth, MN and came across some breathtaking vistas that would would guide me on my artistic path for years to come. I was drawn to the warm colors of fall and especially to the shadows cast across the forest floor from the setting sun. The rich warm colors and complementary deep blue skies have frequently found their way onto my canvases, and this piece, titled Walk With Me A While, which is 36"w x 24"h beckons you to visually walk through the maple and birch forests and get awestruck by the color and beauty ... who knows, maybe it will inspire you to paint too!

Please contact Lizzards Gallery in Duluth, MN for more information on this piece which is part of my Landscapes show Sept. 25 - Nov. 8, 2014

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