Friday, September 26, 2014

The Tavern on the Lake

"The Tavern on the Lake" 36"w x 24"h
Here is a new painting which is 36"w x 24"h and the subject is the familiar business located on Superior Street in Duluth named Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake. This painting is a donation to the Duluth Art Institute's annual fundraiser called Artistic Duluth. The event is held Saturday, October 18, 2014, 7 - 10 PM, at the Kitchi Gammi Club here in Duluth, MN. Ironically, the Kitchi Gammi Club is right next to Sir Ben's, which wasn't planned by me, but interesting nonetheless. I've thoroughly enjoyed painting this piece, and I'm confident it's new owner will enjoy it for years to come, it literally lights up the room just like Sir Ben's warms up a cold rainy autumn evening with the familiar warm glow of light, music, and fellowship which emanates from the building like warm crackling fire. On the donation form, I was asked to write a description of this piece, which I'll include below. For now, please contact the Duluth Art Institute to inquire about tickets to Artistic Duluth if you're interested in this piece, or many other beautiful works of art by other local and regional artists for auction.

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The Tavern on the Lake (acrylic on 36”w x 24”h canvas) is a painting inspired by a familiar restaurant on the shores of lake Superior. While I'm not a frequent guest at Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake, I enjoy the architecture and color of the building every time I pass by. During my college years I would stop by and listen to the music coming from over a dozen guitar, fiddle, mandolin and tin whistle players who were packed into a small space off in the corner. This music was spontaneous and the warmth and joy of the place made me remenisce of my ancestral country Ireland which is known for it's music … and taverns.

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