Monday, July 21, 2014

A Far Off Forest

"A Far Off Forest" 24"w x 8"h
Here is an interesting piece titled A Far Off Forest which features birch trees with a distant gold ridge and background. What makes this painting interesting is the glazing of the cadmium gold paint in the background which really gives the piece depth. Another important element that I work to incorporate into my work can be best described by me as simplicity. With art, you often find people trying to put artists into boxes called 'realism', 'impressionism', 'abstraction' etc. With me, the box people try to put me in is 'pointillism'. I don't see my work as pointillism, though, as I paint with brush strokes, not points of color as pointillists have done. 'Minimalism' is another ism that I shy away from, as I'm trying to speak my mind visually as clearly as possible, not just take things out of my work to be more minimal. All this to say I'd rather not have to live in a box as it has to be dark and stuffy. I'd rather enjoy the journey of expressing myself on canvas with paint and blaze my own trail ... not to be stuck in an ism box. Perhaps I'd like to walk in a far off forest, with rich golden distant ridges providing sparks of light...
Please contact Siiviis Gallery here in summery Duluth, MN for more information on this piece.

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