Monday, June 16, 2014

Pileated Woodpecker

"Pileated Woodpecker" 10"w x 10"h
Here is a new piece titled Pileated Woodpecker that is based on memory. One cold morning I was walking back from the bus stop with my dog and there was a large bird on a tree up ahead. As I approached I assumed it was a large crow or black bird until it took off from the tree and came inches from mowing me down. The white stripes and bright red cap on the head of the bird are the last thing I remember seeing as I hit the deck. I haven't seen one of these birds since, but wow, I was wide awake after that brisk winter morning walk. If you're having trouble getting going in the morning, you don't need coffee, all you need is a pileated woodpecker. Please contact Sivertson Gallery in Grand Marais, MN for more information on this piece.

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